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Monday, February 28, 2011

Tunnels & Trolls positive vibes

It is unfortunate IMO that most of the T&T related writing that I have done on my blog has been occupied with the Shipman/Outlaw Press BS. It's been pointed out that perhaps broadcasting as far and wide as possible, while potentially warning people away, might have the side effect of being free advertising for him - and I can see how that might be the case.

So there are resources on the web for T&T fans, and for the subset of those who want to buy things that won't make them feel like they need to take a shower afterwards there's always the quaint Flying Buffalo website. I've got the link to the Trollbridge inspired Lulu storefront to the right, and here's another:
It's a good one. A fantastic collection of resources and articles managed by the esteemed Dekh (that's a trollish name BTW)

While I'm here, let me put this picture up:
(I like this lion face better. *smiley*)

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