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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Oh yeah! Games! Almost forgot...

Haven't played anything in quite a while, most of this year. Tried a few times and it felt contrived. Was busy for a while with work and general life chaos, etc. But honestly, I didn't feel much inclined to try and get something together. My game-writing also declined for a while, though there were a couple of milestones reached (i.e. some good tables) - so I'm beginning to wonder: have I become an "ivory-tower" theorist?

Gaming exhaustion, that's the conclusion I've come to. I am liking the results of what little time I do spend on world-building, table creation, etc... but actually sitting down and playing something seems totally alien to me. Weird. Probably just a phase. Again.

If I remember correctly, it would have been somewhere in 2004 that I started getting back into game-invention (not the invention of games, but invention within the system of a particular game) - Rolemaster and Traveller. 6 years. Stumbling across the blog-o-verse certainly kicked things to a new level for me... and now? I dunno. So to those of you who read this, I'll apologize. Been quiet around here and may very well stay that way. And I am moving, so the ol' double-whammy of nothing to post & no internet (for a while) may prevail.

Take care!