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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

3 temples

Temple of the Fire God
Priests wear luminous robes of silver and silk threads - at least two will be in the chapel at all times of day and night, occupied by devotions to the Fire God. It lives in a glass case behind the altar. Some priests are devoted to keeping the god placated that fire does not scourge the earth - other priests continue logical lines of progress from the introduction of fire and seek to spread 'civilization' - druids acknowledge and respect the power of the Fire God.

It is a powerful elemental being with an intelligence totally alien to the Prime Material Plane - it should be considered neutral. It has been bound in its glass prison for 300 years (though it itself marks no measure of time) and bestows powers on clerics (and druids, sorcerers, etc as applicable) without imposing stringent lifestyle and alignment restrictions on those who make contact with it - it is the priesthood that has grown for 4 or 5 generations that imposes rules. These include:

1st & 2nd level: 1 week devotion per month
3rd & 4th level: 1 week devotion per season
5th & 6th level: 1 week devotion per year

Order of the Fire's Light: loremasters, technicians
Order of the Blazing Flame: clerics, paladins

Healing spells granted by fire god leave scars
Turning undead manifests as a wave of heat and flame that does not harm the living.

Temple of Asanu
Priests are clad in red and black. Asanu is a powerful demon lord, the cult around it is a mystery religion, wherein murder is a common act of devotion. The priests are slavers, and they are bankers. The temple is often a safe house for assassins and contains an avatar of the deity - behind the altar is a fountain of a viscous brown poisonous fluid. Asanu can sense and speak through it, cast spells and powers through it, and cause it to attack like a 12 HD water weird (with poisonous bite, -3 to save).

Clerics of Asanu cannot use edged/pointed weapons, with the exception of a sacramental knife (d3 damage). They are expected to use this knife one time per level each year to take the life an good-aligned being - consigning them to become manes demons in Asanu's realm, or undead servants of the priesthood.

Healing spells cost x2 normal
Controlled and created undead at option of priesthood

Temple of the Thing in the Lake
The priests are garbed in blue and black. They are charged with keeping their god pacified. It is to be considered a neutral creature of alien intelligence. The powers the clerics (druids, sorcerers, etc) derive are real, though they seem to be only a side-effect of interaction with the being.

Service to the temple takes the form of a rigorous regimen of fasting and meditative trance. In this way, a cleric establishes their connection to the deity and also keeps it distracted, that it not stir from the depths.

1st & 2nd level: 1 day a week
3rd & 4th level: 3 days a month
5th & 6th level: 1 week a season
7th & 8th level: 1 month a year

Clerics may gain their spells through an hour's meditation, using water from the lake as a focus. This can be accomplished at lakeside, or using a translucent or transparent bottle of lake water. The holy water fount in the temple draws from the lake.

Undead destroyed in turning become normal water

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