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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Noodan Rookse Nart

Been spending A LOT of time on the internet recently. I would like to think that this qualifies me as a power user, but there's a connotation of productivity there that is misleading in this case. Digging around Google's basement and work shed, pretty interesting, and tonight was also one the most entertaining nights at K&K Alehouse. Funny conversations.

Anyway, I have resigned myself to utter and complete google fanboyism. I am google's man now. One consequence of this capitulation is that I am going to stop writing at Tran Eskoor an Doon and start a blog under my real actual human being google account, to whatever extent blogging comes from these quarters - it certainly has tapered off of late for me anyway... 204 posts over the last few years, oldest post from 1/19/09.

I'll post the new address once I get it set up.
In the meantime - Great Googs to ya!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Did I watch that? Yes I did.

I've broken the long running media block. I mentioned Netflicks - lot of things on there. So NOW I know why everybody was ape-shit about Firefly! There were three Flying Circus episodes I'd not caught before. Since Conan the Barbarian was not up for streaming, I threw down with She. It was a suggestion and I always do what they tell me.

Wow. She. Some people actually made this movie! Someone with some money thought it sounded like a good idea - and then went ahead and produced it! Amazing stuff, B-movie bad style + big dose of really intense 80's dumb.

Stand tall Aldeboran!

Since the comments are off over there, gotta post here instead - Don't go Limpey! I remember when people were giving you shit because you posted about politics. Giving you shit, that is, on your blog about what you were writing on your blog. Your blog is one I have personally really appreciated both for your D&D-think and (maybe even moreso) the non-D&D.

If you go nuke, won't hold it against you. Can't blame you for not wanting to deal with more assholes than necessary, and blogging is a choice - not blogging is an easy way to cut yourself off from a planet's worth of jerks. It's hard to ignore them when you give them a platform to use (that is, comments on the blog) - but I do sincerely hope you stick around.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Did I read? Yes I did!

Well - I did read some books last month (decided to re-read Song of Ice & Fire in light of the next book apparently coming out soon, and the TV show and whatnot). I'm still enjoying the books, but don't really have a lot to say about them. It's like a soap opera with swords essentially - and I don't necessarily mean that in a derogatory way. These are the days of our lives... (also read a Horseclans book after seeing many internet people say they liked them. jury's still out.)

Didn't read much the last few months, not post much here mainly because I was in the middle of studying for a certification exam. 4 month class leading to a certification. Basically when I was not studying I was not able to get past the feeling that I should be studying, so I did not have much brainspace for gaming and such. Good news is that I have have letters after my name now! (those are CPC-A). The idea now is that I go out and get a big-boy job. After most of a lifetime working in kitchens, this concept is appealing to me, professional development. One of those months involved a wisdom tooth blowup and a big month for freelance writing (sorely needed).
Additionally, broke down and got netflicks. First film watched? They Live. The fight scene based around one guy wanting the other guy to put on a pair of sunglasses is one of the best things in movies. Ever. Carpenter is a primitive.
Did get some of my first deep Runequest reading in there somewhere though. I was pretty blown away. Cults of Prax, Runemasters, and Dorastor. Looking forward to reading more, but that stuff is pretty pricey - also got my first look at a Hackmaster rule book. I've ended up with some of the monster books over the years, but never seen any of their actual rule implementation of 1e. It is funny that the DMG is largely organized in the same way as 1e's DMG - transferring semi-instinctive knowledge is a pretty neat trick(like where the gem tables would be found for example, or rules for spying missions by feel of page thickness).
Since I'm not taking a dump on anyone else's internet life with this post, I'll bypass making a pittance to the brawler right now...