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Monday, February 14, 2011

5 weird rooms

1.Permanent Magic mouth (cast by 14th level MU) laughs maniacally and gibbers nonsense as long as any living thing is in the room. There are skeletal remains bound to the walls by iron manacles.

2.A large statue of a man lies face down on the ground. It appears to be made of a brassy metal. It sounds hollow. There is a trapdoor in its chest.

3.Small pedestal with ivory statuette (ox pulling plow though field of bones) surrounded by a shallow pool of murky brown fluid. When seen, it sends a telepathic message to those seeing it, communicating that it will accept donations of food thrown into the pool. Only food can pass the surface of the pool. This statuette will teleport back to the pedestal after not being on it for one hour.

4.Fires cannot be started in this room, and flames brought into it are extinguished.

5.Esoteric observatory. There is an ornate brass telescope affixed to the floor in the center of the room and the ceiling is a scene of the night sky. There is an occasional breeze in the room also, of indeterminate origin. Those using the telescope to examine the 'ceiling' may (70%) glimpse strange luminous forms flitting from star to star, or (30%) see a nearby planet, of arid red deserts. The ceiling itself is not there: treat it as gate (transit time 5 hours @ 12" move) to the red planet for fliers, levitators, etc. Movement cannot take figures in horizontal directions beyond the dimensions of this room (i.e. a 30'x'30' tunnel to Qar'bexen that takes 5 hours to traverse)

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