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Monday, February 14, 2011

This was some ideas I was having for an AD&D environment, the player character options. All humans were of Monster Manual Men entry stock (bandit, berserker, etc...)

Apparently demi-humans cannot be single-classed and humans can multi-class. The score after the class is EXP required to level. Thieves only show up as a multi-class option. Clerics are not to be found, their spells likely split between druids and magic users.

Fighter/Thief 3250
Fighter/Assassin 3500

Fighter/Thief 3250
Fighter/Assassin 3500
Magic User/Thief 3750
Druid/Fighter 4000 (half elf only)
Fighter/Magic User 4500

Fighter/Thief 3250
Fighter/Assassin 3500
Illusionist/Thief 3500
Illusionist/Assassin 3750
Fighter/Illusionist 4250

Assassin 1500
Druid 2000
Fighter 2000
Ranger 2250
Magic User 2500
Fighter/Thief 3250
Druid/Thief 3250
Fighter/Assassin 3500
Magic User/Thief 3750
Illusionist/Assassin 3750
Druid/Fighter 4000
Druid/Illusionist 4250
Druid/Magic User 4500


Timeshadows said...

Pretty cool.

Can you give us more information?

Ragnorakk said...

The EXP requirements are the sums of the classes. I liked these class pairings and wanted humans to be able to take multiclass pairs that were not available to demi-humans (in addition to being the only race that could single-class).

It was an early piece of the AD&D setting I've been hapahazardly working on for the past year+.

I'll certainly be posting more of this stuff as I dredge it up from the hard drive here!

Timeshadows said...

Neat. :D

I am looking forward to more.

I wish that Play By Post thing had worked out.
--I really like that set-up. :)