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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

5 more weird rooms

1.Walls of force form a tunnel through a larger room, filled with hideous demons that batter against the invisible barrier, desperate to consume the PCs. The demons are illusionary.

2.A hole in one wall (4' deep, 5' wide) emits a permanent gust of wind (as cast by 10th level magic user, i.e. 50% extinguish protected flames, 10' wide, 100' long. If this is in a small enclosed room, it will be filled with air turbulence)

3. A magical goat is staked to a post in front of the other way out. Missiles fired in (or into) this room vanish into thin air. If the goat is attacked, it breaks its tether and engages in melee (AC -1 HD 2 hp 10 A 1 D 5-8 attacks as 6 HD creature). If it is given food, it will let them pass. It will not try to stop anyone. However, it will bray loudly once they have passed. If it is untied from the post, it will attack the un-tier that round and then vanish. If the goat damaged the un-tier, a random magic ring is left behind.

4. 6 skeletons stand in an inward facing circle. In the center of the circle is a large cube of iron. This cube hums and pulses slowly with a faint green glow. The skeletons last command was to stare at the box. They do not attack unless attacked. They will follow the cube if it is moved, though it could be very heavy.

5. Two humanoid faces are carved into opposite walls facing each-other. Anything the PCs say in this room will be repeated by the faces - one will repeat the words in Dwarvish, the other in an unknown, sibilant language.


Stuart said...

Neat. :)

#1 could just be illusions on the walls of a tunnel that make it look like a room with demons in it. No need for the actual room + walls of force. :)

Ragnorakk said...

true... but I like the troubling absurdity of it :)