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Monday, February 28, 2011

February reading vs buy my stuff dammit!

In lieu of gold stars on a chart magnetated to the refrigerator, here's a list of the books I read in the month of February. Way less than my banner month of January - probably won't be able to match that pace again for a while (started a class for medical coding certification - so most of my upcoming reading will be dense and somewhat medical... ugh)...

1. Huon of the Horn, Andre Norton
2. Lyonesse, Jack Vance (2nd read)
3. The Green Pearl, Jack Vance (2nd read)
4. Madouc, Jack Vance (2nd read)

The first time I read the Lyonesse trilogy, I was putting my collection together, and so there were long gaps between the readings (a year between Green Pearl and Madouc for example). So this time I read them back to back to back. That helped. I loved them the first time through, and now I love them even more. Cannot help but have some idle brain cycles turning on the idea of writing up the setting for game purposes. Particularly interested in Murgen's Edict...

And I listed a couple more items on the On Ebay page, so right now I've got Verbosh, Rolemaster Creatures & Treasures III, World of Greyhawk boxed set, & Original Bottle City (SE).

1 comment:

Chris Creel said...

The Lyonesse Trilogy is good stuff too! Vance seemed to cover a lot of old-school fairy tale ground with his new creation.