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Friday, March 6, 2009

silvery wand

This wand is 2' long, 1/2" thick, made of a silvery metal. Anyone touching it (or seeing it through infravisual filters) will note that it is very cold. When first held, it will make a prepared telepathic statement to the holder. This statement will take 10 minutes to complete, during which time the holder is immobile and also very cold - can take NO ACTIONS for 10 minutes (game time).

After this period, the powers of the wand are known in full (including with the number of charges available). The wand will never communicate again. It should resist/make all saves vs. 'anti-magic' spells and effects at a substantial bonus, but reverses that bonus against fire. If it is effected by fire it is destroyed.

When the wand is pointed at a magic gate/portal/teleporter/etc it has a 50% chance of revealing to the holder the 'destination' of the target, if such is applicable. If the chance is failed, the wand imparts no information. This can only be used on a specific target once. If the target is not actually a gate/portal/etc it imparts no information.

When the wand is pointed at a magic gate/portal/teleporter/etc and a charge is expended the caster may declare a new destination for the target. If the new destination is a place that is known by the wand's user, this is automatically successful. Otherwise, the chance for success is 50% + 5%/level. If failed, user must make a "system shock" roll, or fall into 1-year coma.

The wand can never hold more than 3 charges and no method is known to recharge it save wish magic.

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Ragnorakk said...

During the failure-induced coma, no food/air/water is required. Those that have been affected by this have reported
experiencing an astral journey that seemed a new lifetime to them, though no detailed accounts have endured