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Sunday, March 1, 2009


Non-Spell Users Semi-Spell Users
Fighter Ranger
Rogue Paladin
Warrior Adept
Soldier Monk
Swashbuckler Warrior-Mage
Sage/Tradesman Bard
Thief Dabbler

Pure Spell Users
Magician Sorcerer Druid
Illusionist Mystic Shaman
Priest Warlock Magus
Mentalist Seer Alchemist
Healer Astrologer Enchanter
Lay-Healer Necromancer

This is a list of the character classes I like to use, make available in games I run. It follows the general concept found in Rolemaster of categorizing professions generally by how they relate to magic-use. These 'class concepts' are drawn primarily from 1st edition RM (and the Companions - many of which are really great RPG books in a ridiculous feature bloat/cool idea way).
The presence of magic in fantasy games is really totally fundamental IMO. You can run a high-magic campaign, a low- or no- magic campaign - but EVERY campaign has to define it in some way. So it makes a convenient starting point to conceptualize classes/professions (among many other things)...
But I don't develop characters as RM characters - it just takes WAY TOO LONG. I use them as guidelines and write them into the campaign - usually using whatever base spell lists and skill group bonuses (as wonked into my game). I do run separate 'realms' of magic (a la RM), but default to magic just being magic when it is too inconvenient (example: 'detect magic' in RM is split into three (really more) spells, one to detect each specific realm - too much for me).
I used to have a much larger list of 'Non-Spell Users', but it's just too easy to get way too ridiculous - and this list (Pure-spell users particularly) is close enough.
I used to have this NSU/SSU/PSU profession-group:
laborer/tinker/architect (!)
Wonder why I've developed in a vacuum so much of my life?


nanobri said...

You had a link to some forum and now it disappeared. o.O

Ragnorakk said...

yeha - i meant it as a note to myself, to keep as a draft, not to publish - oops!
I went and started an account @ and once I get comfortable with it, want to start running pbp games there. I've got my real-world players posting here, but it might be better to do on a forum.
Overheard at the Barking Dog (one ofthe blogs I've got listed) has a link to an old pbp game he ran, and I thought it would be a good way to do it...

Probably gonna take me a while to get comfortable with the interface though, so I didn't mean to put it up yet!