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Friday, March 6, 2009

a few things...

OK. I am exceptionally undisciplined - provided I hold myself to the high standard being set by RPG Dumping Ground (in my blog roll - check it!). Discretion being the better part of such-and-such, I'll admit my first blog-noob error - overenthusiasm! (could have been worse...lot's worse...) So, in short, I'm not holding myself to post a detail-a-day - but still hold it as an ideal anyway. Contstant progress...

If you haven't yet, go look at Grognardia and check out his post about the community mega-dungeon. This is a wide open idea and could become anything - several anythings simultaneously - it's an interesting concept. (I remain largly quiet about the M. Cook 'issue' - it's not the exciting part)

The online game over at Tao-of-D&D has been progressing. Heavy shit. There's a lot of generalizations about the human race that one can come to in the study of history. People suck...
and always have. That's is hard is another...I digress. It's very interesting play. I'm finding myself rivetted to the computer when I come home from work, and moreso on my days off, and the in, dumpteraction can't happen fast enough for me. We've hit some snarls on tactics and timing and such - but this medium really makes it a lot easier for me to do something that I've never really done much of: get in character. Yeah. In general I've always liked my characters on index cards and largely consider them disposable until they "stand out" though play - but since I've never actually been a PC very much (running games way more often that playing them) I've never really 'gotten into character' very much (and generally blushed thereafter). It's the format. The PC's are generally trying to post 'in-character', and I'm totally getting into saying the things that my character would say. This may sound really fundamental to most people and it may be - but it's way easier for me to 'indulge' in this over the computer than it has EVER been at the table-top. Josef says (and does) some weird shit. I'm afraid of being called out as pretentious (BTW, I am) but the potential of this as collaborative-storytelling is awesome.

I've gotten a forum site and early next week I'm going to start trying to set it up. I think that it's a good format for PBP games, and I'd like to start running a few. I will give more info about it as it solidifies.

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