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Thursday, March 26, 2009

25 meme table

(why so much space above the table?)
(while you're scrolling, consider buying print versions
of Fight On! They're on a push to win a contest!)

01-04Swamp53-56Vast Mountains
05-08Dark Fae57-60Animal Languages
09-12Local Gods61-64Dangerous Wilds
13-16Sandbox65-68Costly Magic
17-20(Brian Aldiss)69-72(Jack Vance)
21-24Rituals 73-76Reality Warps
25-28Boring Towns 77-80Demons
29-32Ancient Underworlds81-84Orange/Red Sun
33-36Evil Elves 85-88Strange Plants
37-40Cannibal Cultists 89-92Hill Tribes
41-44Underwater Horror 93-96Poisons
45-48Jewelled Throne 97-00NO RAILROADS!


Max said...

Can you unpack this one a bit, Ragno? Is this how you'll determine your next few posts?

I rolled 91: Hill Tribes...hmmm...perhaps there is a sentient range of dunes roaming about the deserts of Wohoon? Sort a mobile genius loci...

Not bad. Thanks!

(The spacing is a screwy artifact of making tables in Blogger. It reads all of the line breaks in your tabla as carriage returns in your post. If your edit them out, turning the table into a single block of text, they should disappear.)

Ragnorakk said...

I thank you Max!
My code-fu, not so fu