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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

must be full moon

all over the world! I'm kinda rivetted by the both the high-debate and catty BS that's floating around in these blogs these days. oof! We're all just human beings who have obviously been really affected by RPGs. People are really getting aware, or acknowledging, that it's very easy to step on other people's toes, and it's also easy to see that a lot of what people are writing about is of 'fan-product' quality - I place mine own in this category, and generally prefer such over high-production-value or whatever.

There's a great deal of enthusiasm. There's a great deal of release, a sense of community, with divisions and differences. I remember reading Kask, him mentioning the profusion of fan-products BITD - and also some of the horrors of being exposed to massive amounts of's inevitable. His conversation thread is really fascinating - as an (unintentional) analog of what is happening now - largely due to the one is going to produce something that EVERYONE likes - remember, some people don't like D&D...or RPGs at all.

It's all really inspiring - even the setbacks, the rants that piss you off, the content that sometimes provides little more than a ho-hum, the promising ideas that do not come to full fruition - those that take months to flesh-out or even complete...the horrible spelling in my case...This is workspace and peer-review rolled into one, and there are a lot of people taking advantage of it. And it's an opt-in - none of us really have to do this and could decide tomorrow to stop.

So, yeah - the horror! Critisism! Appreciation! I know that I've never repsonded to a blog post with fanboy appreciation unless that's how I really felt about it. In general I try not to think too much about how a response is going to be interpreted by the original poster. Anyone can close comments if they don't want them. Why put them on an open blog if you are not, on some level, asking for commentary? There's the potential ego side of that - liking the attention or whatever - but there's also GENUINE INTEREST!

Personally, I'd love it if I got a comment that said "That's shitty." - Especially if the commenter was ready for conversation - or Counter-Attack! Do not submit things to a project if you are not ready for rejection - and do not start a 'community project' unless you are prepared to issue them.

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