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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Epées & Sorcellerie

REPOST - To simplify matters, please email me at address shown to the right if you are interested in looking over this rough - any help is appreciated!

I've put up a rough PDF of character creation and combat for the translation of Epées & Sorcellerie and I am hoping that someone could read it and tell me if there's howling errors I am missing or if there some aspects of the game are not explained very well. The quick start version of the rules are close to finished state. It's a good game, not a strict cloning of OD&D - more a variation (and a good one!) with the author's imprint on it. This is something I miss in reading games more often than not - the author's personality, and is something I'm really nervous about preserving (though it is less an issue in the 'quick start' version we're getting together). At some point I''ll pore over Grognardia to link to the review James gave it. Anyway - these two sections total about 16 pages - if anyone could look them over, and tell me what's wrong or not right enough, I'd appreciate it!


Timeshadows said...

I have downloaded it and will comment mid-week, next.

Thanks, and Best,

Ragnorakk said...

awesome. sometimes things are obvious to others than escape me.

Zzarchov said...

I noticed some "awkward" language translations off the bat, not wrong just could be rephrased. If you email me a textfile or .doc file (say office 2000 compatible) I will go through it and try to tweak some phrases for you and send it back to you. My email is found on my site, (I don't want bots to spam me)

Ragnorakk said...

hey zzarchov - the email bounced back. I replaced the first dot in the address above with an at-sign. I could not find a mail link on the site case you see this, what am I doing wrong? sorry.