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Monday, July 6, 2009

Crude PDFS

I posted a link to some small PDF files that I've made and thought I should offer an explanation.
They're beside the top post of this page.

First off, a set of tables for hex-occupant generation. I went through Holmes D&D and extracted those creatures listed with treasure types, put in a dash of personal bias, and made tables for lair generation. Each table is rolled with 2 20-siders. There's two tables, the first contains races, the second, monsters.

The second is a list of the spells I've recently been posting here. Yay! More spells!

Anyway - coming to understand how easy PDFs are - albeit, crude ones.


Vedron said...

What software are you using to make your PDFs?

Ragnorakk said...

just Open Office as a word processor, which has an 'Export to PDF' feature. Very simple, no frills (at least none that I've found yet...)