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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dark Static Demon

Dark Static Demon
MV 9" AC 4 HD 3 Attack 1(1d8+special)
SA metal armor provides no protection, on hit save vs Hold Person(d4 rounds)

From a far removed plane (4 planes removed, for those who desire Contact), a place of high energies, strange states of matter, and esoteric sentiences, comes the Dark Static Demon - among the easier of its denizens to summon. Though called a 'demon', they are not thought to be evil. They appear as a 4' tall cloud-like mass of writhing strands or cords - one of these cords can strike out swiftly to attack, and this attack ignores the presence of metal armors. The summoner will have effortless mental contact with the demon up to 100' away, and it will obey commands with intelligence, but will never itself communicate. Illusion and invisibility are meaningless to these creatures, and they are unaffected by mind-influence spells. Dark Static Demons cannot be maintained away from their home plane for longer than d6x10 minutes.


Timeshadows said...

Neat, but why is entitled Dark Static Demon if it is a White Static Demon?

Am I missing something in my cleverlessness?

Ragnorakk said...

No I'm missing something in my proofreading.
huh. big surprise!
speaking of which I'll have an email for you tonight or tomorrow on the player's section of yours that I read.

Timeshadows said...

--Thanks. :D