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Sunday, July 26, 2009

AD&D Soothsayer

The Soothsayer

Soothsayers are a sub-class of magic user, though they have some qualities of illusionists and clerics also. To be a soothsayer, a character must have a minimum intelligence of 12, wisdom of 9, dexterity of 11, and a charisma of 9 or more. Soothsayers do not gain bonuses to earned experience by dint of high ability scores. Soothsayers can be of any alignment, and may or may not be affiliated with a religious organization, cult, or church, but should not be considered as necessarily representative of this organization as the cleric generally is.

Soothsayers gain levels and follow the spell schedule of the illusionist. Hit dice are d6. Soothsayers can wear no armor heavier than leather and cannot use a shield. They may arm themselves as per illusionists, and choose one other weapon to be allowed to use. Soothsayers attack and save as clerics.

They may use magic items available to magic users, illusionists, and clerics (though some deities/religious organizations might disallow the functions of clerical items for a particular Soothsayer whose alignment, outlook or purpose is antithetical).

Soothsayers are more inclined toward information gathering and influence than acts of grandiose magic. They are more likely found as fortune tellers, hermetic seers, advisors, adventurers, iconoclasts and zealots or charlatans and mountebancs than leaders of a flock, crusaders or academic thaumaturges. Some cultivate an aura of mystery about themselves, others use their abilities in the service of others.

The particular methods of soothsayers allow them to cast Read Magic 1 time a day for each level they have attained. Additionally, soothsayers may cast the reversed form of any spell currently memorized, where such reversed forms exist.
Spells available to soothsayers
--Level OneLevel TwoLevel ThreeLevel Four
1Change SelfAuguryBlinkCharm Monster
2Charm PersonDetect CharmClairaudienceConfusion
3CommandESPClairvoyanceCure Serious Wounds
4Comprehend LanguagesFind TrapsIllusionary ScriptDetect Lie
5Cure Light WoundsForgetSpectral ForceDivination
6Detect EvilHold PersonNon-detectionEmotion
7Detect IllusionHypnotic PatternRemove CurseExorcise
8Detect MagicSpeak with AnimalsSlowPhantasmal Killer
9HypnotismImp. Phantasmal ForceSpeak with DeadPolymorph Self
10IdentifyKnow AlignmentSuggestionWizard Eye
11Phantasmal ForceLocate ObjectTonguesPlane Shift
12Audible GlammerMisdirectionDispel MagicContact Other Plane

--Level FiveLevel SixLevel Seven
1AtonementFind the PathAstral Spell
3CommuneInvisible StalkerCacodemon
4Speak with MonstersLegend LoreInstant Summons
5FeeblemindMass SuggestionMind Blank
6Magic JarReinacarnationTrap the Soul
7MazeRepulsionMass Charm
8Polymorph OtherSpiritwrackHeal
10True SeeingWord of RecallAlter Reality

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