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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Slavic Paganism (notes)

Perun Thunder, victory in war
Veles Underworld, earth, water
Hors Winter sun, healing, survival
Dazbog Fire of the Sky, the sun
Mokosh Female Goddess, home, weaving, spinning, domestic arts/crafts
Stribog Winds, Sky, Air, Father of the Eight Directions
Simargl Fertility, dog w/wings
Svarog Sun God, spirit of Fire
Jarilo Vegetation, fertility, spring, war, harvest
Svarozic Fire of the earth, forge
Chernobog God of Woe, Black God
Ziva Fertility, Love Goddess
Svantevit God of War, divination
Rugievit Seven Headed God , seven swords in belt, one in hand
Marzanna Goddess of Witchcraft, winter

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