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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Reliquary of Naks

A fragile pentagonal reliquary with a brass handle/hanging hoop at the top, and a brass base. One panel has three small brass hinges and a knob to open it. All of the panels have three small holes
just above the lip of the base.
The interior contains wool batting and a some finger bone fragments. When the reliquary is jostled, dust falls from the holes. This dust will fall 3'/10 seconds.
If the dust meets a solid surface, it hisses and sublimes into a light olive-green gas which is considerably lighter than air (one such 'dusting' fills a 10'R the round after it starts). The reliquary can be shaken more vigorously to release more dust. If not influenced otherwise, the gas will remain in place and potent for 3-6 minutes. This gas induces fear - anything with a nervous sytem that is capable of emotional reaction can resist.
If the dust meets a liquid surface, it hisses and sublimes into a thin bright yellow gas. Anyone within 5' can spend that round inhaling the gas. Those who inhale this gain a magical boon - any spells cast for the next hour will have x2 duration .
If there is a scrying device beneath the reliquary, all of the dust will glom to it - bypassing any of the effects listed above. It will instead double the duration/effectiveness of the spell/device/item's scrying and will grant the viewer invisiblity to scrying/protection from scrying/etc.


kesher said...


Submit this to Fight On!. The window for issue #5 is open for the next month, at least.

Josef Mieszko said...

do I just send it in as a text file? that would be cool to do - #1 is the only one I've had a chance to look at, and I'm anxious to read more Kask...

Josef Mieszko said...

glad you liked it!