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Thursday, February 19, 2009

I game!

It looks like I've got myself into a game being run on the web. Alexis has a subtle and AMAZING setting (Earth! Quasi-Historical Earth at that) and I'm psyched. Never tried a game on the net - curious to see how this is going to work.

So with the degree of detail and versimilitude Alexis has put into his side, I will admit to being a touch daunted. Really - if you haven't read his blog from the start, you should. I would like to have a character that "fits in" (that is, is historically plausible), but it is 1e AD&D, so obviously, there is some liscence...

I'm going with a Silesian cleric, a pagan pantheist. While the Catholic and Lutheran Princes marched armies against each-other, my character worshipped the old gods, the four-faced, the dragon at at the root of the World Tree, the Winter Sun, the unknowable and chimeral forces that govern men's lives, that watch as the men of Christ to kill one-another.

I've not played AD&D for many many years. Nevertheless, cracking open the PHB today felt like second nature.

Wish me luck!

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