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Friday, November 27, 2009

Impromptu solo playtest: 5

From 4X (Timeshadows):

"Circle around trying to see what the merchant is up to, wary of a ranged weapon, such as a crossbow, prodd, or gun.
If I can see him I observe before riding on him. Perhaps his daughter is hidden away in a secret compartment of the wagon?"

As you round the wagon, you see the merchant crouched on the ground, holding a silvery medallion with both of his hands - you see much fear in his eyes, which only increases when he looks up and sees you.

Do you...
A) Demand his surrender
B) Launch an attack at him
C) Take a moment to assess how your henchmen fare
X) Something else


E.G.Palmer said...

Timeshadows has been unavoidably detained. I'm from the Gamer Temp Agency, here to fill in for her.

I waste him with my crossbow!
What's the gp value on that medalion?

Timeshadows said...


In a split branch where Palmer is the Player, I watch eagerly for the outcome.

However, in my own branch, I choose C). Assess.

Thanks, both of you. :D

Where did Christian disappear to?