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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Shortlist of NPCS includes

  • Archdruid, the Steward of Earthways
  • Captain of Derros Castle, Claimant to Yrkaen Throne
  • Dwarf Lord of Agakan
  • Lord of Karnhekel, High Priest and Marshall General of the People, Claimant to the Yrkaen Throne
  • High Priest of Turus Yrkae
  • King of the Kobalds
  • Mariner Guildcaptain of Blackpearl
  • Mariner Guildcaptain of Lardos
  • Mariner Guildcaptain of Tsen
  • Priest of Iliks, the Young God
  • Scholar Erdua of Irikhold
  • Lord Steward of the Great Hall, Claimant to Yrkaen Throne
  • The Demi-urge of the Nameless City, a powerful wizard
  • The Golem Hanos, a powerful mage
  • The Lady Regent, the Honourable Dame of Blackpearl
  • The Wild Priest
  • Thieves' Guildmaster of Blackpearl
  • Thieves' Guildmaster of Lardos
  • Thieves' Guildmaster of Tsen