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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fear, Rage, and Command

Continuing from prior post, three more tables (d10) to generate variations or details on such effects.
1Cringing - can take no action except self defence at -1 penalty
2Terrorized - can take no action
3Overwhelmed - takes no action, pays strict attention to source. Will surrender.
4Scared - runs away at double move rate
5Desperation - 50% runs away (as FEAR(4)), otherwise goes berserk.
6Dread - 50% fall unconscious, otherwise fall to floor and can be commanded.
7Doomed - hopelessly attempts to attack source at -4.
8Tormented - can take no actions. Experiences hellish hallucinations, will hate source.
9Demoralized - retains will and self control, but all actions at -1
10Panicked - Drops all held items and runs away at double normal move rate

1Fumes and simmers in private madness. -1 to all attacks, +1 to damage
2Focused - Attacks current or nearest opponent at +1
3Distracted - Attacks current of nearest opponent at -1
4Writhes with bestial spasms - attacks random target in reach (friend or foe)
5Attacks current or nearest opponent +1 to hit and damage
6Tantrum - 50% Tries to break whatever is held, otherwise throws it at source
7Lured - Charges at source to attack.
8Bully - Spits on corpses, kills helpless victims - attacks weakest targets.
9Self Abuse - smash head on wall, jump through windows, etc. Does not make attacks unless in doing so will certainly harm self. 50% suicide if option available.
10Fit - rage directed at inanimate objects only, but gets +1 damage against anyone trying to stop them.

1Begrudging - will obey, but try to subvert if intelligent (and possible), and any actions pertaining to command at -1. Retains memory
2As COMMAND(1), but will not retain memory of the experience
3Listless - obeys command, at -1 to any actions performed pertaining to it. Will not try to subvert.
4Obeys command, though may try to subvert. Retains memory of experience
5Considers command in own best interest and will obey. Retains memory of experience
6Obeys command. Will not retain memory, unless source desires that they do.
7Obeys command. At +1 to any actions undertaken to fulfill the command. Will retain memory only if source desires.
8Obeys the command without thought, the effect will last twice normal duration
9Obeys unquestioningly, +1 to any actions undertaken to fulfil the command. Will resent the source afterwards.
10Obeys enthusiastically, +2 to any actions undertaken to fulfil the command. Will offer services if applicable

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