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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Influence Effect Tables (sys-neutral-ish)

Been digging through my unkempt piles of gaming-notes, map, etc, looking for several tables I made a long time ago and managed to keep because of their utility. Made them after thinking about the different ways to interpret some pseudo-common in-game terms (awe, charm, confusion, fear, command, and rage). Well - found 'em! Many of these terms are used as spell names, or have some delineation in your rulebook of choice, but these tables largely ignore those (edit: I slipped into vague D&D-isms...oh well). Some of the effects allow for secondary conditions (one can perhaps issue commands to one who is awed - or they may be so overcome as to go unconscious). Hope you enjoy! Now I'll never have to look for them again!

1Overwhelmed - stops everything, pays attention only to source of awe. Can be commandedEnthralled - pays attention only to source of awe. Open to suggestionTakes no action except self-defence
2Cowers and grovels in abject submission. Can be commandedOffers source object or service of valueContinues prior or current action at 1/2 effectiveness
3Shamed - develops aversion to source and seeks distance from it above all else. Friendship - Wants to help source. Retains free-will. Open to suggestionTakes no action
4Transcendent - feels that source has improved target in some ineffable way and is totally grateful. Can be charmed.Tolerant - will not instigate or assist actions against the sourceWander random direction at half normal move
5Pious - target believes source to be divine and to be adored. Can be charmed and commandedEnthusiastic - as CHARM(3), but all actions undertaken at the source's behest are at +1Wander random direction at normal move
6Dread - knees buckle, bowels loose, held items are dropped. Unable to take any action. If saving roll failed by large amount, consider a heart attackToady - takes no actions but complimenting source. No detail is too mundane to receive copious praise. -1 to all actions undertaken on behalf of source (too distracted)Wander random direction at double normal move
7Antithetic Conversion - as AWE(5), but target's alignment/outlook is reversed. Target believes that this change is for the better and is grateful that the source instigated the change. Can be commanded.Protective - Will defend and protect source to best of ability. Open to suggestion.Drop all held items. 50% chance target continues to divest itself of possessions beyond what is in-hand
8Epiphany - as AWE(4), but target gains experience points (1d6 per level times 100) from the experience.Respectful - as CHARM(4), but is inclined to to follow suggestions from source that coincide with own interestsContinues prior or current action at -d4 penalty to actions
9Revulsion - as AWE(3), but source becomes the center of lingering psychosisInfatuation - obsessive interest in source. May be romantic/sexual/possessive. Open to suggestionCannot remember anything. May defend self at -1.
10Fervor - target has no will of own but to serve and glorify the source. Very emotional and irrational. Can be commanded.Henchman - wants to serve source as a henchman. May be commandedStruck mute, seized by twitching spasms. Out of touch with reality. May be awed

Will continue with the others later

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