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Friday, July 8, 2011

Did I watch that? Yes I did.

I've broken the long running media block. I mentioned Netflicks - lot of things on there. So NOW I know why everybody was ape-shit about Firefly! There were three Flying Circus episodes I'd not caught before. Since Conan the Barbarian was not up for streaming, I threw down with She. It was a suggestion and I always do what they tell me.

Wow. She. Some people actually made this movie! Someone with some money thought it sounded like a good idea - and then went ahead and produced it! Amazing stuff, B-movie bad style + big dose of really intense 80's dumb.


ckutalik said...

As I told someone earlier today Firefly= all my Traveller campaigns. Well that and witty.

E.G.Palmer said...

I ignored Firefly when it was on, cause of Joss being the Buffy guy. I assumed it couldn't be any good.

Man, was I wrong. I caught the whole series in a marathon a bit ago and loved it.

It's a real shame it didn't get more than a season and the movie.

Atom Kid said...

I watched Firefly when it was on TV but they kept messing with time slot so I lost interest. I appreciate it more now that it's on DVD.

The Misfits wrote a song called "She" that was about that movie!

Chris Creel said...

At one point I thought that the Misfits song, She, might be a reference to H. Rider Haggards tale of the same name. After looking at the Misfits lyrics I determined that there is no relation in these two tales.