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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A few random things

1. Liz Danforth is selling the original art for City of Terrors, the actual piece that became the cover. Wish I was a collector!

2. More things on Ebay myself (link to the right) (Bushido, V&V, Aftermath, Rolemaster, D&D)

3. Schoolin' & studyin' is kicking my ass!

4. The Tricks, Empty Rooms, and Basic Trap Design book over at Hack & Slash is a fantastic read and resource.

5. Requisite Joesky content (Thul sa doom Thul sa doom Thul sa doom)
An evil cult for 1e

99 PILGRIMS (CE – Cult of the Three Dooms)
Clerical Leadership
1 3rd level and 6 2nd level clerics
1 5th level and 3 4th level clerics
All clerics below 6th level serve in the chantries.
2 6th level cleric
These clerics occupy the chapel
1 8th level cleric
This cleric occupies an isolated underground chamber
Exceptional characters:
fighter: 3 (lvl 7, 7, 1) A pair of twins, the 7th level fighters, and a gnome 1st level
assassin: 1 (lvl 5)
thief: 3 (lvl 7, 5, 2)
magic user: 1 (lvl 7)
Called the Three Dooms, it appears at times as a withered & one-eyed dwarf, a
healthy mature human male with a third monstrous arm extending from the chest,
or as a heavily hooded and robed crone who can reveal a third eye. Its
presence among the cultists is in the form of Raugak, a type IV demon (using
much illusion, project image, and polymorph self). It acts as an intercessor
between the cult and a greater power in the Abyss. It is loathe to Gate in brethren, as it does not want to share the bounty of its current worship. Raugak lairs in the darkness beneath the chapel, indoctrinating the cult's prophet into the deeper mysteries of its Master's Dooms (i.e. driving him insane).
 Raugak (Type IV demon) 
AC -1 SA spells and powers
MV 9/12 SD +1 or better to hit
HD 11 (51 hp) MR 65%
A 1-4/1-4/2-5 INT 14

Refer to OGL if required.

1 comment:

Andreas Davour said...

Hey, I seems to have missed your Bushido auction. Send me an email if you still want to sell it (It looked like the eBay auction finished unsold), since you have a buyer!