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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

out of it

man - it's been a minute since I've posted here, and I think I might really kinda be out of it for a while. I started my own gaming 'renaissance' in 2006, but right now, the other parts of my life demand a renaissance, and I'm just not finding myself inspired by gaming. So, I think this blog may lie still for a long time, perhaps at some point I may get back into the swing of things - I don't know. But I'll probably still be lurking around and dropping asinine comments on ya'll good and interesting blogs sometimes.

take care.


Andreas Davour said...

Hey take a breather. You're very welcome back when you have recharged the batteries.

Scott said...

Shit happens. Sometimes you need some time off, and sometimes it's not just time off. Still gotta look you up some time when I'm in Lexington, tho.

Scott said...
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