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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

AD&D thought of the day

1st level magic user. Plenty of fun as is, however, I've been thinking about a way to let starting wizards make temporary magic items. How's this...

1. cast a Nystul's magic aura on an object, lasts 1 day/level
2. cast a Find Familiar (doesn't count against the 'once a year' stipulation). Casting time is 1-24 hours. The familiar is bound to the object with the aura on it.
3. cast whatever spell you want the object to store or use after that.

It will have as many charges as the caster's intelligence-level (diminishing returns)

kinda cute.

1 comment:

E.G.Palmer said...

I've been thinking of magic as like water, or energy, always trying to find it's own level. Concentrations of magic seek to flow to areas of less concentration, like heat. You could think of temporary magic items as objects the caster has concentrated magic in, and after a time, the magic will seep away.
I like your idea here. I think I'd add that any single object could only hold temporary magic one time. After that, it would be too enchantment porous to refill.
That would prevent PCs from whipping up a new one all the time.