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Thursday, January 14, 2010

File under "Constant Vigilance"

The continuing story of James Shipman and Outlaw Press
A fantastic summary of the whole story up to JAN 7 2010 far more coherent than I could have done and a fantastic set of links. Thanks mxy!

And today, was informed by Lulu (along with several others) that all things Tunnels and Trolls were being removed from storefronts, due to "litigation". Ugh. Lulu's policy is "pull first, ask questions later", and I can see the wisdom of this policy - so no feathers ruffled on that account.

Shipman's created a really absurdly hostile atmosphere to work in.


Andreas Davour said...

You don't say.

Let's hope it means some with agressive lawyers have started to work on Shipman, and that means the atmosphere becomes more pleasant after that.

Christian said...

Wow. Being sued is no fun, but it sounds like the guy really asked for it.

Sebastien Rouze said...

Isn't Lulu a famous Actor celeb?