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Thursday, October 22, 2009

further evidence of fuddy-duddery

...on my part.

So, on a whim (a cheap whim) I picked up a book of monsters produced somewhere in the 3e glut.
Reading through it, just to mine for ideas, I come across this statement in the description of a minor demigoddess - "...if her avatar is somehow imprisoned...her father Enkili will be pissed off at anyone responsible." (italics mine)

"Pissed off"? Really? Did I just read that in a game book?

Haven't been able to get this off my mind for days now. I'm not a delicate reader, I don't care about bad language (if this really even is considered 'bad language' - I use it all the time w/o thinking twice) - but the rest of the tone of the book is grim, modern nihilism, full of fallen races, curses, doom, etc - pissed off stuck out like a sore thumb.

I suppose this is what I get for random purchasing random 3rd era stuff...


Spike Page said...

I remember feeling kind of the same way once when reading one of those Star Wars novels and at one point there was something described as "about the size of a baseball." The anachronism easily could have been avoided..but wasn't.

At any point did you come across the phrase, "totally bitchin"?

Norman Harman said...

You did say Fuddy-duddery but you still need to get a grip if two words sours you on a whole book. Same with the baseball. They conceptual typo's that slipped past the editor. Mistakes happen, get over it.

Now if book was full of that stuff and/or it was intentional then there is cause for ire.

What would you use in place of "pissed off"?

Timeshadows said...

What I find interesting is that I love the write-ups of that Shadow Lady and her father/mother Enkili.
--The Scarred Lands was my favourite 3.x setting.

Sorry that the P-O stuck in your craw. :(

Ragnorakk said...

That particular write up was about my favorite in the book - which made the presence of PO'ed a touch more troubling maybe - I dunno what I would have rather seen written instead (this is totally a subjective taste thing) - something more along the lines of '...would draw Enkili's attention...' or somesuch. I wouldn't say it ruined the book for me - there was quite a bit of it that I liked (including that entry in particular!) It's weird - I really want game books to present the author's voice more - I'm just being fussy or something.

Stephen said...

I agree with the use of phrases that just seem to break the immersion.

They seem a whole category of fail.