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Thursday, September 10, 2009

3 conclusions I've come to (randomly)

Tekumel is not a game because of its wilderness rules. is the real home of Chainmail on the web.
Stop picking on Jeff Reints, he’s the most level-headed swine, after all.

Offered with no supporting arguments and a large can of ad hominem just waiting
to crack open.


Timeshadows said...

> looks up briefly at that, and then gets back to plotting my Overladyship <

Zak S. said...

Who picks on Jeff Rients?

What about the Tekumel wilderness rules (which I've never read) makes the game not a game?


Ragnorakk said...

sorry for confusion -
go visit kellri's blog - it's hysterical

Timeshadows said...

Oh, that was a h00t. :D

Thanks. :)

Christian said...

I've narrowed my roster of OSR considerably. Jeff's is one I keep around because he's less concerned about advocacy and more about rocking the dice. I respect that. By gaming he advocates. It's cool.


Age of Fable said...

I was wondering 'what - Tekumel doesn't have wilderness rules does it?'...I only got it when you referred to kellri.