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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Oh yeah! Games! Almost forgot...

Haven't played anything in quite a while, most of this year. Tried a few times and it felt contrived. Was busy for a while with work and general life chaos, etc. But honestly, I didn't feel much inclined to try and get something together. My game-writing also declined for a while, though there were a couple of milestones reached (i.e. some good tables) - so I'm beginning to wonder: have I become an "ivory-tower" theorist?

Gaming exhaustion, that's the conclusion I've come to. I am liking the results of what little time I do spend on world-building, table creation, etc... but actually sitting down and playing something seems totally alien to me. Weird. Probably just a phase. Again.

If I remember correctly, it would have been somewhere in 2004 that I started getting back into game-invention (not the invention of games, but invention within the system of a particular game) - Rolemaster and Traveller. 6 years. Stumbling across the blog-o-verse certainly kicked things to a new level for me... and now? I dunno. So to those of you who read this, I'll apologize. Been quiet around here and may very well stay that way. And I am moving, so the ol' double-whammy of nothing to post & no internet (for a while) may prevail.

Take care!


Scott said...

I've been there. May end up there again someday. If and when you're ever back into it, the books and dice will still be there. :)

Chris Creel said...

I wish you well and will keep an eye out for ya.

Timeshadows said...
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E.G.Palmer said...

I've been drifting around in the creative doldrums for a while now also. We'll keep the internet warm for you til you get back.

Uhhh, if you don't come back, can I have your stuff?

Anonymous said...

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