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Friday, April 16, 2010

While not blogging...

I spent a lot of time poring through old messages on some of the larger, older D&D message boards. A lot of good stuff there, also a lot of drama (as per usual it seems, *ack* dragonsfoot *ack* (strictly a read-only board for me)). Anyone else do this?

For example: take one poster who has been around for a while and who you think is insightful/interesting, and then do a search for their posts. Go back to their first post, and find the thread titles that seem interesting... Obsessive? Creepy? I dunno - no harm done, and some really great ideas! I've done the same thing with some blogs too - particularly Jeff's Gameblog - go back a few years and it is still the best damm blog evah!

(also interesting in dredging through message boards is how conversation topics come up every few years)

I think I'm past the initial 'honeymoon' period of having a relatively stable internet connection - I'm maturing! It's a natural process, I am told... I think I'm past that stage where clicking links and reading everything all the time triggers that node of your brain that appreciates learning new things (often a 'false positive' on the internet...), so now... hmmm?

What to do with this internet?

BTW: does joethelawyer's wonderous imaginings crash anyone else's computer? It's strange and I cannot figure out why...

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A Paladin In Citadel said...

I have a problem with other blogs freezing my browser, if we're talking the same thing. Never seems to be the same blog though.

I wish someone would do a "best of Dragonsfoot" or whatever, and just give me the good stuff. I grew tired of reading post after post of pandering questions to Gygax about "which Dragon is your favorite" and "can I come play D&D at your house".

Someone (not me) needs to distill the actual useful information to be found at that site and write a book already.