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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Trollszine #1 is go!

We got it on Flying Buffalo's page at RPGnow! Woot! (Couldn't do Lulu because Lulu don't like Mac generated PDFs)
It's free! And it's good!

Table of contents ...

Trolls Talk - by Dan Prentice
Trolls Regenerate - by Ken St Andre
The Trollgod Rants 1 - by M. E. Volmar
Selling Used Equipment - by Gary McCammon
Funny Shaped Dice and Massive Monsters - by Dan Prentice
Aeulungs Tale: Chapter 1 - by Tom Grimshaw
The Trollchefs Cookbook - by Salvatore Macri and Dan Prentice
Grumlahk - by Jeff Freels
The Trollgod Rants 2 - by M. E. Volmar
Roadhouse - by Greg Backus
TrollsZine Competition
The Blood War at Saxon - by Tom Grimshaw
Item! Item! - by Greg Backus and Dan Prentice
Dare to Daro - by Dan Prentice
Delverton: The Smithy - by Lee Reynoldson
The Game of the Sphinx - by Mike Tremaine
Going Solo - by Dan Prentice
The Restless Mausoleum - by Salvatore Macri

Good stuff - go get it!


Timeshadows said...

Thanks for the headsup.

Are you doing the Infinite Adventure solo writing on Trollhalla?

Ragnorakk said...

I am participating in that, yep, as I have time. Real life has really knocked my game head-space for a loop recently, but I do want to contribute to that worthy endeavor, along with the next Trollszine issue. How 'bout you?

Scott Malthouse said...

Congrats Rag! I've had a cursory read and so far I'm really impressed.

Timeshadows said...

I was going to, but today slipped away from me, and now the extended rules are looking a bit to formal for me, given my other writing work.

I hope RL cuts you a break, and soon, R.
--I don't like to see my friends down.


Timeshadows said...

I've yet to read Trollszine, so please don't take my silence on it as a negative.

Besterer, ;D

Ragnorakk said...

Wouldn't think of doing so - silence is golden!