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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Character's Ultimate Fate (when player stops showing up. 2d4.
Stat modifiers applied to player's next character
if they return.))
2Wanders into the hills one summer afternoon. Eaten by a giant spider. -1 IQ.
3Finds a cursed ring of invisibility and winks out of existence when it is put on. -1 LK.
4-6Retires and fades into obscurity.
7Converts to a religion and is exalted on comfortable passing. +1 LK.
8Becomes Lord of the Spider Hills. +1 CH (son/daughter of said lord...)

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Brunomac said...

I practically grew up at my local game store in Santa Monica. The old owner practically raised me in my early-mid teens. After over 20 years I called out of the blue to see how he was. There was a new owner, and Gary had passed away a couple of years before. Wasn't even 60, and didn't drink or smoke or anything.

Now that I am blogging, I wish I had the chance to interview old Gary.