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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Noodan Rookse Nart

Been spending A LOT of time on the internet recently. I would like to think that this qualifies me as a power user, but there's a connotation of productivity there that is misleading in this case. Digging around Google's basement and work shed, pretty interesting, and tonight was also one the most entertaining nights at K&K Alehouse. Funny conversations.

Anyway, I have resigned myself to utter and complete google fanboyism. I am google's man now. One consequence of this capitulation is that I am going to stop writing at Tran Eskoor an Doon and start a blog under my real actual human being google account, to whatever extent blogging comes from these quarters - it certainly has tapered off of late for me anyway... 204 posts over the last few years, oldest post from 1/19/09.

I'll post the new address once I get it set up.
In the meantime - Great Googs to ya!

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Timeshadows said...

Looking forward to the blog re-boot.