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Monday, December 29, 2014


Haven't been gaming at all for a while - current everyday life really just hasn't allowed it and does not look to improve any time soon. Instead have gotten pretty obsessed (re-obsessed?) with programming and inevitably I mess around a lot writing MUD/Roguelike code. So instead of lying absolutely fallow, I think I'll start posting here regarding this stuff instead.

some lessons learned so far:

#1 Dice & pseudo-random numbers: Flat distributions of single dice are fine. Flat distributions for handfuls of dice are not - no surprise. At first I was leaning on ANYDICE to get probabilities for values of multiple dice and converting it to a linear lookup - BUT - iterative accumulation results in the same distribution. And is much easier to deal with.

#2 Consoles & Windows: I haven't programmed much at all in the last decade and in that time Windows has pushed the command line interface farther and farther away. Just getting a console to behave in a predictable manner under modern Windows is kinda a pain in the ass at this point. Further reasons to go back to BSD eventually.

Friday, September 19, 2014